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Editorial review


Margie Smeer Senior editor

Somehow surprising given its title and its main theme, Dream Cars is actually a time management game, and not a racing one. It's indeed about racing, but you manage a racing car shop and try to satisfy your customers by selling them cars, and earn money to progress throughout the game's levels.
It's also rather unrealistic, as it contains scenes where the customers were waiting for their cars to be built from scratch, and painted, and that was done in a few minutes, while they were enjoying their coffee. This made me cringe a little. Another awkward aspect is that the game's texts are full of spelling and grammar mistakes, leaving an overall impression of superficiality and amateurism.

As you probably can tell already, I'm not exactly pleased by what I was discovering while testing this game. The visuals were also rather average, typical in their cartoon-like aspect to the visuals of many other games of this genre (time-management ones). The gameplay wasn't particularly fast-paced either.

To sum it all up, there's no wonder this game is no longer displayed on the developer's site. It's an old game that's better off left forgotten. There are plenty of other time management games on the market, and many of them manage to be a lot less ridiculous than this one.


  • Can be played in both full screen and windowed mode.
  • Includes an effective tutorial system.


  • Its title is rather confusing, as the game is not of the racing type, but a time management one.
  • Many English grammar and spelling mistakes in the in-game texts.
  • Contains awkward and unrealistic scenes.
  • Rather average, cartoon-like visuals.
  • It got somewhat old (it's a 2009-made game).
  • Cannot be played on specific screen resolutions when in windowed mode.
  • The gameplay doesn't seem to be very captivating, fast-paced or reasonably challenging.
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